All reality Syfy Robot Combat League Teammates Heather Williams and Brandon Lewis Battle

Syfy Robot Combat League Teammates Heather Williams and Brandon Lewis Battle

The fight went down on the Tuesday night Syfy episode of the Robot Combat League TV series.  My teammate Brandon Smith and I fought our guts out.  Our robot Thunderskull went up to battle against Brimstone.

This is me in action!  I never quit!  Just like the Energizer bunny.  In our episode we had a strong fight against Brimstone.  I didn’t hear the small horn go off that tells us the round is over because it was so loud in the huge arena so I just kept on a swangin’.  We were disqualified which really reaked.   We didn’t know why were were disqualified even when WWE wrestler host Chris Jericho announced the decision.  I thought our fight with Brimstone was intense and with all the hydraulic fluid and sparks blowing everywhere it was a great show.


Brandon aka www.NerdAlert.com, in my opinion, has all the right moves.  Pure entertainment!  Not matter what, the wheels on the bus keep going round and round and hopefully we will be back and get chosen for the wild card pick.

brandon lewis robot combat league

The next episodes will include an appearance by George Lucas and more fighting from robots Brimstone, Drone Strike, Steel Cyclone, AXE, Commander, Crash, Game Over, Medieval, Robo Hammer, Scorpio and Steampunk.

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6 responses on “Syfy Robot Combat League Teammates Heather Williams and Brandon Lewis Battle

  1. rodney jay says:

    Ok i have time to comment now about ur 2nd round !!!! I thought it was GREAT !!! i had flash backs when i watched the camera man point the camera toward u to see what u were doing and yes u were kicking ass !!!! lol !!! looked like a mix of hay makers and windmills !!! loved it .. my only question is did they pay him to be a cry baby lol !!!!! If not he ought to be embarrassed !! you ROCKED !!!

  2. admin says:

    The robots are very finicky. You can’t shadow box like you would in the gym. There are slight delays between the robo jockeys and robo techs movements so you have to compensate for that. It was the neatest experience ever. Keep watching the show! There’s more coming.

  3. Susan says:

    One word “AMAZING’….

  4. Thomas Grady says:


  5. vernon chism says:

    you guys did real saw it.

  6. Patrick says:

    Hope you guys make the Wild Card Pick!