All Film Robot Combat League and a Female Race Car Driver

Robot Combat League and a Female Race Car Driver


Tonight is the the night!  The first full episode airs on TV!  Robot Combat League!  February 26th @ 10pm on the SyFy network.  All episodes are scheduled to air every Tuesday pm so make sure to set your DVR.

Robot boxing has definitely changed from Rock’em Sock’em robot game.  The new SyFy TV series Robot Combat League shells out metal giants with powerful punches on other robots. This show is much like the Hugh Jackman-starring Real Steel movie.  All of the fighters, including myself, shadowbox in an exo-suit that translates every punch and jab to their mechanical avatar.  My team mate, Brandon Lewis @nerdalert and I @willheat, operate the robot Thunder Skull.

robot syfy heather williams_640x358

To me, learning to operate the 8 foot tall 1,000 pound humanoid was much operating an 800 horsepower 2,300 pound race car.  Very different, but yet the same in allot of areas.  This robot arena wasn’t as dirty as the race car dirt track which was a plus.


Robot Combat League’s nine-episode season should be super interesting.  The show should be similar to the Real Steel movie in many ways.  Mark Setrakian created the shows robots, his credits include the animatronic effects in HellboyMen in Black, and Batman Forever and BattleBots.

I’m excited for the first show to air and since I’m still changing up my food intake habits and eating clean I have my bottle of water to sip on and sugar free jello to gulp down.  Let’s get ready to rumble!

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Trailer for the new SyFy TV series Robot Combat League!



One thought on “Robot Combat League and a Female Race Car Driver

  1. Max Random says:

    Best wishes on the debut! People should eat it up.